Ador Copiii Association is guided, fundamentally, by the desire to improve the life trajectory of abandoned children or children with precarious situations and to offer support to adoptive families.

For this, we deeply rely on the continuous support of our passionate and generous supporters, without whom our work would not be possible. It is the base of our work to use all the resources you entrust us - funds, the energy of the volunteers who dedicate their time to our causes, clothes, food and other essential things for children etc. - in the best way possible, in a transparent and ethical manner.

Become a dedicated friend of the association by donating monthly a fixed amount of money or by programmed cash deposit and your contribution will make a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries of the projects supported by us.


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Cash deposit donations
Name: Ador Copiii Association
Identification code: 16521676


Bank Adress: ING BANK
Str. Aries, nr. 20
Timisoara, Timis

How do we use you support?
Your support and contribution will help Ador Copiii Association to:

Support the child's most important interest to grow up with a family;
Promote and respect children's rights;
Modelate the children’s evolution to adults able to integrate socially and to be effective;
Prevent child abandonment;
Get involved actively in discovering, preventing and interfering in the cases of abandoned
children who are in distress;
Increase the chances to have better development and survival conditions;


We thank you!

Before making a donation, we kindly ask all potential supporters to contact us directly - by
phone or email. If you are contacted in the name of Ador Copiii Association, please contact us to
have a confirmation. For your protection - and to ensure that your help reaches where you want.

More than anything, it is important for us as a NGO to be the pledgers of your trust and ensure
that the support that you want to give will be used when and how it should be used, according to
your intention.

The word "philanthropy" / "charity" comes from Greek and means love for humanity, for the human race. Contact us for your charitable experience to be a statement that the human race is essentially a kernel of good, of generosity, of giving, which makes life worth living!

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