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Ador Copiii Association – The Adoptive Families Community, through its representative, Simona Czudar, was present on November 28 at the French Embassy in Bucharest for a lunch meeting with the representatives of the French Agency for Adoption, the counterparts of the Romanian Office for Adoptions, the representatives of the Romanian Office for Adoptions and of the key organizations from the field of adoptions and the protection of rights for vulnerable children.

The purpose of the meeting was to get familiarized with the adoption and adoptive families’ assistance system in other European countries, in this case, with the French one, and the main topic of discussion was the development of the special protection system, the streamline of the adoptions’ system in Romania and the development of professional services in the internal adoption system in the benefit of adoptive families and children with special needs.

We are honored by this invitation and determined at the same time to participate in collaboration with professionals in the field to improve an outdated system, providing more efficient services in the domestic adoption system for the benefit of abandoned children and adoptive families.

Ador Copiii Organization is ACCREDITED by the Romanian Office for Adoptions to develop and implement activities in the field of adoptions, and this invitation comes as a crowning and recognition of our contribution in this area.

Ador Copiii Organization has the experience of adopting models of best practice from France, last year, participating in the project Sectoral Operational Programme Human.Resources Development (SOP HRD), for the period 2007–2013 - Models of good practice in social inclusion.

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U.S. Ambassador to Romania, His Excellency Mr. Hans Klemm, visited the only Resource Center for Adoptions in Romania, opened in Timisoara by Ador Copiii Association.

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Ador Copiii organization

Established in 2004, Ador Copiii organization is an non-governmental association which managed to accumulate extensive experience in the field of domestic adoption and received accreditation to offer services in this domain. Our organization also develops projects regarding the social protection of abandoned children and a few concerning the prevention of abandonement.Our mission is to raise awareness on the fact that each child has the right to have a family, no matter his ethnics, religion, age or health state.


Our work
Day by day, Ador Copiii organization pays its best efforts to improve the lives of abandoned children and help adoptive families smoothly accommodate their newest members in their daily routine. In order to do these, the association was accredited by the Romanian Office for Adoptions to offer services in the domain of domestic adoptions.
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