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We are particularly pleased to announce the community that on 6th and 7th of November, we received with great joy the visit of a delegation from the United Nations Women's Guild, an organization that supports Ador Copiii’s projects for two years now. During the two days, Ms. Genoveva F. Wallach, Chair of United Nations Women's Guild, Ana Soto, an internationally known artist from Argentina and Yiling Li, Deputy Editor in Chief Who's Who Columnist could see a picture of the work we perform every day in the benefit of children who want a family, who risk losing theirs and those who, maybe, will never have one.

We are also very pleased to announce that Ms. Genoveva F. Wallach joined our team, becoming a member in Ador Copiii board. This shows the transparency Ador COpiii is always showing in its projects and the trust it manifests in the relationship with its partners. Ms. Genoveva F. Wallach participation in Ador Copiii’s board will help increase the impact of the Association in consistency, clarity and vision, which is absolutely wonderful for all the people who are beneficiaries of our programs.


During their visit, they attended a support group for adoptive families, visited some beneficiary families of the “I want to go HOME” program and organized two workshops with the children in the 'Otniel' orphanage.

The fact that Ms. Genoveva F. Wallach is also an adoptive mother increased the value and emotionality of the support group’s session through the shared experiences in front of the 40 parents and children who attended this meeting.


The children from the “I want to go HOME” program we visited are very often under the pressure of the social protection system, with the risk of being separated from their families. That is why one of our priorities is to prevent this from happening and help them to stay together, to have a much higher quality of life and a minimum future perspective.


Ms. Ana Soto organized a painting workshop for the children in the 'Otniel' orphanage with a very strong inspirational theme: Finding the inner self and the potential of each child, while Mrs. Yiling Li held a Chinese writing workshop.



In a particularly touching atmosphere, in the conclusion of the workshops, all children were empowered by the United Nations Women's Guild as Ambassadors of goodwill, peace and love, certificates presented by the Chair of the organization, Mrs. Genoveva F. Wallach. This distinction increases the self-esteem of children, but also increses their responsability to pass on the generosity and love they receive from everybody who surrounds them with so much attention and care.


The two days we had the honor to have Ms. Genoveva F. Wallach, Ms. Ana Soto and Ms. Yiling Li as guests were charged with a genuine emotion, so beneficial when you want to have impact and transform the lives of both children and parents and are the first in a series of meetings that we will organize in future projects with the support of United Nations Women's Guild.

United Nations Women's Guild was founded in 1948 as an entity of the United Nations and its mission is to assist children in vulnerable situations and / or mothers at-risk worldwide.

About UNWG: http://www.unwg.org/

We thank all those who make every day a good deed to change the life of a vulnerable child!

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U.S. Ambassador to Romania, His Excellency Mr. Hans Klemm, visited the only Resource Center for Adoptions in Romania, opened in Timisoara by Ador Copiii Association.

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